A Healthy Pet
is a Happy Pet!

New Castle Animal Hospital

A Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet!

About Us

New Castle Animal Hospital provides quality compassionate care for your pet. Our mission is to provide information to you and to offer the knowledge and medical skill needed to help your pet live a long, healthy life.

Pet Health

We offer annual and biannual wellness exams based on your pet’s life stage. At your pet’s wellness visit, we evaluate their over all health.

Dental Care

Our dental services include hand scaling and polishing, as well as tooth extractions. We also carry
products to help maintain the health of your pets’ teeth.


We have boarding available for cats and dogs. Our clinic is equipped with spacious runs for dogs and cat condos with lots of light for cats.


We offer grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. Our groomer is here Tuesday-Thursday. Feel free to consult with our groomer for all of your pet’s grooming and bathing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

My pet seems to have fleas. What can I do?

Successful flea control involves:

  • Eliminating fleas from your pet. It is important that all pets in your home are on flea preventative monthly. With the many choices we have today, we can provided you with the safest and most effective flea preventive for your pet’s needs.
  • Controlling fleas in the environment. A number of different products are available which will kill the stages of the flea life cycle present in your home such as foggers and insecticides applied by professional pest control operatives in your house.

What is Heartworm Disease and how can I protect my pet?

Heartworm is transmitted by a mosquito bite that is passed through saliva. Once your pet is bitten by a carrier mosquito the larva is carried through the bloodstream to the heart and lungs where they mature into adult heartworms. Having your pet on heartworm prevention will prevent your pet from heartworm disease, and also prevents a number of intestinal parasites that your pet may come into contact with. It will also prevent the transmission of intestinal parasites to people and children.

What should I do after my pet is spayed or neutered?

Rest and restriction of activity are the primary post-operative care you should provide. Most dogs can resume normal activity five to ten days after surgery. Until then, no leash walks, no running, no climbing stairs, and lots of rest. Check your pets incision to be sure there is no redness or swelling once or twice daily.